Image of two chess pieces on either side of the name Keyplayer Mentoring

One2One Mentoring

fitting you and your business

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Principle, concept, pattern, theory?
More than that: It's you!

> Does your leadership model fit your strategy?
> Would it run without you?

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Listen, learn, share & grow
There are many precious "I"s in your team.

> Are you smartly levering your potentials?
> Are your individuals communicating & acting as a real team?

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Do you really want to know?
Be authentic & approachable.

> Are you a role model or just pushing initiatives?
> Are you & your team anticipating or firefighting?


My basis: 30 years of demanding and empathetic leadership of international teams in various functions, branches and countries

My horizon: wide open

My target: the extra mile, that your keyplayers will be happy to go with you

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